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Web-based education has become the new normal for school districts across the state, as teachers and students transitioned to remote learning models to curb the spread of COVID-19. While this transition has enabled teachers and students to utilize technology in new ways, it’s also highlighted the need for greater access to online learning materials for students across the state. The in-home learning model implemented by Knox County

Tennessee now meets 8 out of 10 quality standards benchmarks that evaluate the effectiveness of preschool education programs, according to The State of Preschool 2019 report issued by the National Institute for Early Education Research (NIEER). This ranking comes as a result of successful policy changes that enabled Tennessee to meet the Continuous Quality Improvement System (CQIS) benchmark for the first time. Meeting the CQIS benchmark reflects

To help Tennessee parents serving essential workforce roles during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Department of Human Services (TDHS) has established payment assistance and network of temporary care locations to make child care services free during the state’s emergency order. Tennessee workers in essential jobs – including first responders, food service, law enforcement, health care military and more – can apply online through TDHS. The department will arrange

Teachers across the state have been transitioning to remote learning models as a result of school closures caused by COVID-19. To support students and families during this period, school districts across the state ramped up “distance learning” by expanding web-based education, mobilizing technology resources for needy students and creating a new relationship between teachers and students. Amid a historic time, we are also beginning to glimpse a future

Reading to your toddler is one of the best ways to stimulate their active mind and blossoming imagination. And it provides a critical boost for early language and social-emotional skills that form the foundation for their future success in school and life. Especially now, with many little ones out of child care and home 24/7, reading with your toddler is all the

The US government just created a $2 trillion stimulus package to help American families during the coronavirus pandemic. It includes direct payments to families, paid family leave, and expanded unemployment benefits, among other things.   Stand for Children and Forbes are among organizations providing a good summary of benefits. Below is some info we pulled directly from those articles that we

Boost your baby's brain power through play! Your baby is amazing!  Did you know that 80% of her brain growth will happen by about age 3?   And you and your family hold the key!  Your caring interaction with your infant – such as cuddling, playing, singing, counting, smiling – is the best tool for stimulating healthy brain development. How do you do it?  The

The Tennessee Department of Human Services announced the availability of funding for COVID-19 affected persons and child care businesses. Cash Assistance for People: The Tennessee Department of Human Services (TDHS) is making essential financial resources available to families that have been significantly impacted by the COVID-19 emergency.  Beginning 10 A.M. CST Thursday, March 26, families can begin applying, online, for

On March 19th, the Legislature met its constitutional duty and passed an emergency state budget. Following the 14-hour session, lawmakers recessed until a time uncertain leaving much unfinished business. Among the early education legislation not considered are bills about pre-k expansion, child care, unspent TANF funds and most notably Governor Lee's $68 million early literacy proposal. These are critical issues leaving children,

TQEE proposed our most robust policy agenda at the start of 2020. Legislation to expand pre-k, increase high quality child care seats and address unspent TANF funds progressed through the committee process. Those bills remain poised for action by the committees if the legislature reconvenes this year. If the legislature does not return for an extended period, the process starts all

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