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2019 Child Care Study

Want to Grow Tennessee’s Economy? Fix the Child Care Crisis If you're a Tennessean, the Child Care Crisis impacts you. We have the numbers to prove it. Our 2019 report, “Want to Grow Tennessee’s Economy? Fix the Child Care Crisis,” [...]

Tennessee Early Education Poll

2019 TN Voter Poll Summary Since 2017 TQEE has commissioned Public Opinion Strategies to conduct an annual poll to gauge voter support for policy proposals to improve early education outcomes in Tennessee.  The most recent, conducted in November 18-21, 2019, [...]

Report Confirms: PreK Advantage Carries Through 3rd Grade Given Effective K-2

Vanderbilt researchers, together with the Annenberg Institute at Brown University, have released a new working paper with major implications for early education in Tennessee.  The paper confirms Tennessee PreK students who subsequently experienced “sustaining environments” – meaning they attended high […]


TQEE has been among the state’s strongest advocates for expanding Evidence-Based Home Visiting (EBHV), a best practice in early childhood development which has repeatedly proven to strengthen parenting skills, reduce abuse and neglect, and get children ready for school. In addition to the well-documented positive impact on lives, the program generates savings for taxpayers up to $5.70 for every $1 invested through reduced

Take a step back from the compelling financial return on investment of evidence-based home visiting (EBHV) policy to study the true impact of this vital program through the lives of Tennessee children. While home visiting boasts a remarkable $5.70 positive return for every $1 investment, it’s most powerful performance measure is best viewed via the experiences of thousands of Tennessee children around the state whose lives – and

Republicans and Democrats alike understand that affordable, quality child care is crucial to economic growth. That's why Senate Republicans are likely to include a provision to provide billions of dollars for child care providers in the GOP's federal coronavirus relief bill, according to this Politico article. TQEE's annual poll of Tennessee voters revealed 90% of voters believe child care has a major impact

On February 19th, Mayors from counties across the state joined TQEE to emphasize the importance of policies that would allow for accessible and affordable childcare, expanded Pre-K and overall improved early learning. As Mayor Julian McTizic of Bolivar put it: “The future of our community and the future of our state depends on early childhood education.” Ninety advocates from across the state including educators, Pre-K directors, elected officials and

We were thrilled to have the support of Mayor Julian McTizic of Bolivar, TN at our 2020 Day on the Hill. Mayor McTizic joined us in advocating for improved early childhood education including expanded access to high-quality PreK and child care options for Tennessee families. Check out these videos below where the Mayor shared his valuable perspective with us. Early Childhood Education “The future

We thought you'd be interested in the COVID-19 Working Parents Survey by Care.com. They asked 1,000 working parents with children under the age of 15 how they’re feeling about juggling their child care responsibilities with work responsibilities during this crisis.  Here’s what the survey revealed: 64% of parents said they are at least somewhat uncomfortable returning their children to child care or

As Tennessee and other states nurture the reopening of their economies, a growing child care crisis poses extreme challenges for working parents and employers. With many school systems remaining closed this fall and nearly half of all child care centers now closed as well, working parents of young children face high-pressure decisions about how they balance care for their kids, while earning

Child care has always been vitally linked to economic productivity. Working parents need child care services to support their efforts to earn a living for their families and provide a stable, nurturing environment for their precious children. That the national and Tennessee economies are critically dependent on a fully functioning child care system is a truth on primetime display at the moment.

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